WordPress is the #1 Content Management System, by a long shot.

By the Numbers

There are plenty of reasons why WordPress is the #1 Content Management System in all of the world, mostly because it’s downright amazing. The statistics that make this CMS the world’s most popular are truly mind-boggling. A few for example are the numbers. 74.6 million websites depend on the power of WordPress. 50% of that 74.6 million are hosted on WordPress.com, the free blogging platform. When it comes to self hosted websites though, WordPress makes up for about 19% of all websites on the internet, those numbers are quite impressive considering the internet reached a total of 863.2 million websites in the latter half of 2015 with at least 70% of those websites not using a CMS at all.


Popular by Demand

By using WordPress, you will always be in good hands. WordPress is used 3.5 times more than Joomla and Drupal combined. Some of the top companies in the world today including CNN, The New York Times, Mashable, eBay, TechCrunch, Sony and the BBC use WordPress to power their websites. These are some of the biggest websites in the world as we know it. The best part about WordPress is its ease of use and is flexible enough for just about any project. In fact, WordPress can handle any project with ease.


WordPress is Secure

WP was and is still today developed with security in mind. Yet there is no doubt that WordPress is always under attack. Having somebody on your team that regularly maintains your website is they key to staying safe. Keeping your current version of WordPress along with any plugins being used up to date is a must. I take all of the necessary steps to make sure your website is secure including regularly scheduled backups, uncommon administrative user names, strong passwords, the use of SFTP rather than FTP, top rated security plugins and last but not least, fast, secure and reliable hosting through either WP Engine or Media Temple.


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